Our cultural and social events held by Asian Culture Fair

1st Asian Culture Fair
2022.12.11 / Oskar Blues Brewery

Kicking off our fair with 400+ fair goers! Find our local NBC news coverage on YouTube.

Homemade Korean Rice Wine Tasting (Makgeolli)
2022.04.03 / Private Residence

Private Korean rice wine tasting + cultural learning event

Friday Night Social
2022.02.25 / Adelbert Brewery

Social event to gather diverse parts of the Asian community in Austin

Friday Night Live Music Social
2022.03.25 / Oskar Blues Brewery

Bringing Austin locals together on a Friday social with a concert performed by the local Asian community

Yokai Gym Grand Opening
2022.03.12 / Yokai Strengh @ Pflugerville

Supporting local Asian businesses to foster community spaces for meetings and connections

Crawfish Boil
2022.05.15 / Private Pavillion @ Cedar Park

Chef Bergnon from Wolfgang Puck and Chef  Renee Helit Jr. to combo-team to bring the best Crawfish Boil event in Austin